Gibraltar is a seriously cool place, so much history and little bits of British influences, plus everyone has a bit of a British accent and they speak English! The craziest thing was that to get onto the island you have to either walk or drive across the airport runway. Whenever there is a plane coming … Continue reading Gibraltar

Tangier, Morocco

For our anniversary we took a day trip sans baby to Morocco. While planning months before my husband really, really wanted to add Morocco to the itinerary, and I sort of viewed it as “his” thing. I was interested, but not necessarily anticipating Morocco above anything else on our list. Well, about fifteen minutes after … Continue reading Tangier, Morocco


I feel like I could have spent an entire weekend in Cádiz . We had troubles with our luggage (read: no luggage at that point) so I think that overshadowed our trip to Cádiz just a bit, but it was still a very beautiful day. I would love to go back and explore more of … Continue reading Cadiz

Getting There

Over Christmas my little family and I took a once in a lifetime trip to Spain, specifically to the Andalucía region. It was amazing and sadly most my photos (all but one day…) were taken with my phone, but I thought I’d share the adventure nonetheless. Hope you enjoy! Getting to Spain was not as … Continue reading Getting There